Illness – A Warning

Irrespective of the nature of illness, it comes with a message. It is a warning, a signal that should encourage us to review our lifestyles. in the case of serious illness like cancer healing can be increased manifold by indulging in meditation in order to foster the power of the mind and restoring the lost balance.

Going through the book, ‘Words Curved by Swami Veda Bharti’, I came across these beautiful and simple thoughts that set me thinking. Swamiji says,

“Illness come to us in their initial, mild states and gives us a warning to reflect on and change our ways. They give us a chance to contemplate what is the purpose of life and how well we are fulfilling it”.

The quote initiates the following thoughts in my mind:

  • Does it imply that an illness that is able to penetrate my body implies that somewhere this natural balance has gone awry?

There is a very close relationship between our minds, body and spirit. This relationship represents a perfect healing system that presents immense and infinite opportunities to deal with adverse circumstances. Our body is capable of identifying and eliminate germs, toxins and even cancerous cells. The power of the mind can be used for producing any medication that is required by the body leading to healing, recovery, replacement and reconstitution of damaged cells.

  • Does an illness mean that it is time for introspection and review in order to understand the reasons behind this imbalance?

Introspection and review of this imbalance may point towards multiple factors – stress, emotions, physical health or lifestyle. Any of these reasons could act as a trigger for ill health. It could also mean that somewhere, self awareness, consciousnesses have been ignored and now it is time for some self realization. An illness surely means that I am required to do a thorough self audit in order to understand the larger objective of my life.

Restoring the Balance

For a healthy life it is important that the balance between the mind and the body be restored. The ailment may be minor or major it is important that one review where the balance has gone awry and work towards restoring the same with full gusto. The mind has an important role to play in determining the status of our health. Harmony and balance brings health while disharmony and imbalance depicts ill-health.

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The lost balance and harmony can be lost by adopting the practicing yoga, deep breathing and meditation. One can opt for nay one of the above. Best results are achieved when the three are practiced complementary to each other.

While yoga will make you stop and pay attention to your mind, body and soul; deep breathing will keep you calm and energized. Yoga and deep breathing will help you prepare your mind and body for practicing meditation. Meditation will help you stay away from depression and weak thoughts even in the most trying moments. It will keep you calm, eliminate negative emotions and replace with positive thoughts.  The three techniques together will help you declutter and keep a conscious check on emotional pollution. While every cell in your body receives its full share of oxygen, negative emotions, tensions, anger, depression, lethargy, anxiety and lethargy will leave you. It will provide relief to your body and mind.

The mind can be used as a vehicle that transports you towards health –  provided you want it to steer you to health and happiness.


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