Life Is What Happens To You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans

Hi All,

Honestly speaking the entire team wanted to start working on the site, once everything was in place.  But on reading the quote

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

and with the Breast Cancer Day – October 14th approaching, we decided on starting with the work right away.

There are so many of us who have successfully overcome the The Chiggie Wiggie girl – Kylie Minogue in the movie Blue, Christina Applegate, Olivia Newton John are a few names that have successfully fought breast cancer and are leading normal lives today.

There are a few facts that call for our attention. First, one does not find mention of names of prominent Indian women who have successfully battled breast cancer.

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God, keep these women away from illness and bless them with good health. Second, statistics reveal that the incidence of breast cancer amongst Indian women is increasing at a very fast rate. Statistics also reveal that this rate is much higher in the case of urban women than rural.

Let me ask you a question here, does the above information make you feel that we trying to ignore the real situation?

If the answer that is crossing your mind makes you feel uneasy, it should; if it sets you thinking, it should for the reality is that  we are turning a blind eye to a harsh reality. Early detection is the best thing for a cancer patient for it makes the ailment curable. For early detection we need to volunteer for regular checkups.

Agreed there are a lot of issues which act as a deterrent for going in for a checkup. Fear of loosing the breast, hair, the cost of treatment, embarrassment, but trust me all these can issues can be resolved.

What is important is a regular check up. Schedule your mammogram right away.

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  • A lawyer by profession, social worker and a fighter against cancer