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    Role of Spirituality in Holistic Healing

    November 16th, 2013

    Healing is a process that can take time especially when the disease is something like cancer. Many people across the world do suffer from cancer and they also do take necessary steps and treatments to deal with the problem. Let us make it clear at the very beginning that by writing on holistic healing we are not trying to advice or suggest that you do not consult the doctors or stop taking regular medicine, but we are only trying to suggest an complementary way to improve your healing rate if you find it useful.

    We will also like to make it clear that on this website mainly dedicated to medical issues, some of you might find this as an odd topic but still there is so much discussion and happenings on this that we thought it would be better to introduce our readers to this concept of holistic healing as well. Some of the concepts here may not be easily understood by someone who hasnt been at all into spirituality or things like meditation or prayers, yet we would suggest everyone to at least read it once before thinking it is not for them. We have also provided links to some spiritual concepts in case you would like to study them further, yet we will remain focussed on the theme of our website and will not go stray too much.

    The discussion on holistic healing can be best started by taking a look at the power of prayers. It is said that blessing and prayers can sometimes be more effective than a regular medical treatment. We in this article will try to see whether it is actually true and do medical treatments can be supplemented with prayers.

    Is There Something Known as Holistic Healing?

    Basically the concept of holistic healing includes the entire persona of the patient unlike pure medicine where the physical body alone is given prominence and drugs and medicines are prescribed based on the chemical composition of the elements and their effects of disease causing microbes. Yet there exist many instances where this logic seems to have been defied.

    There have been many cases in medical history that are considered as miracles. The doctors give up all hopes and then all of a sudden the patient shows signs of recovery. In some cases patients also revive and recover even after they have been declared dead. We know this is unbelievable but it is actually true and it does happen. The medical teams also call these miracles. Some also term them as near to death experience. Some people who have huge will power and determination to live can come back from a near to death experience too. We will now try to explain how this concept works.

    Holistic Healing

    Holistic Healing

    When you are under severe pain and your physical strength is all drained out this is the time when you can actually be able to move on with the help of spirituality. Just close your eyes in times of pain and think of God. If you are not comfortable with the term “God” you can think of the universal force or your true self, which are all the same. You will see that it can reduce the pain to a great extent.

    A logical explanation for this could be that when you are focused deeply your mind is focused and as a result you tend to forget about the pain that you are in for a moment. This ensures that you recover faster and live a better and healthier life. When we say role of spirituality in holistic healing we have to mention about the different types of spiritual activities that you can do.

    Few Tips to Gain Holistic Healing 

    1. You a can meditate on the image of the deity you have complete faith in.
    2. Keep a picture of the revered deity with you all the time.
    3. Your friends and family can pray for a speedy recovery. Prayers can often do wonders. It has been tried and tested by the medical fraternity too.
    4. You must have complete faith that the Supreme Force will protect you and do what is best for you. Faith can often move mountains. Many doctors also say that although medical science has made a lot of progress there are some cases of miracles that just cannot be explained by logic. These happen because people show undeterred faith in the powers that be. He will ensure that people do survive no matter how bad the situation actually is.
    5. Try to ensure that someone reads the spiritual books to you. For example it could be the Holy Bible, The Quran or  The Bhagwat Gita depending on your belief system. You might be weak to read these. If someone reads it to you then you will definitely gain from the same.
    6. Meditation on a symbol of the power you believe in can also help in spiritual healing during cancer. For example just close your eyes and focus your attention on a Cross or an Om sign when you do so you will be able to concentrate better and deal with the treatment better. It will also make you strong from within and give you the strength to deal with the disease or the treatment. It will also keep your will power to live strong.
    7. Some cancer patients say that they have a conversation with God. When they share their problems and pains and it makes them feel better. It also gives them a hope that God is listening and he will surely reduce their pain. You must do it with full faith that the Eternal Power will help you.
    8. Some people take to pronouncing a sacred name or text (known as mantra) which is also known as chanting. You can do so either quietly or loudly as you prefer. It will also give you the ability to deal with the pain of the treatment. It will give you the will power to recover.
    9. As you improve a little and your physical strength improves you can look at spending some time doing Prayers on your own. You can also once in a while visit the local church or the temple and try to retain as much positive vibes as possible. This will remove the negative thoughts from your heart and make you feel more positive and fresh. This will also improve your determination to live on.
    10. Another role of spirituality in holistic healing can be achieved by meditation. Basically it is the most direct and scientific form of holistic healing where you attune the energy within you and the cosmos and channelize it to destroy and overcome the disease.

    We hope that the tips that we have mentioned on role of spirituality in holistic healing will help you to deal with the cancer treatment better and get well soon. Infact these principles are not limited to cancer alone but can be useful for any patient specifically if he or she is undergoing any life threatening condition. 

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