Volunteer Members

These are the people who form the heart of the NGO. The soldiers of the NGO, they work tirelessly to spread the word of ‘Early Detection’ and ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ to tens and thousands of people.

Supporting the NGO in whatever manner they can – financial help, their time, support system they are the pillars on whom the success of the cause entirely depends.

You can become a volunteer by filling in this form

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Note for Readers

The number of volunteers runs into hundreds and expanding by the day. We cannot list all of them here and each one of them is equally important to us, still we would name a few who go over and above the ordinary to ensure that we succeed in our goals, will keep adding to this list over time

Mr Avnish (Manu) Jain 

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Mrs Vaani

Shri Sunil Trikha

Dr Gunamrit

Dr Deepak Jain