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    Mesothelioma Cancer, Claims & Compensation

    July 31st, 2014

    Cancer is a common disease that has affected millions across the world. A lot of research is going on to find treatments of cancer. We in this article will discuss one topic which is indirectly associated with cancer. The topic of discussion today is mesothelioma, also known as malignant mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that happens when the mesothelium (the lining that covers internal organs) is damaged and cancer cells develop in there. The condition can be fatal if the treatment is not done on time. This form of cancer is not hereditary.

    Causes of Mesothelioma Cancer

    For a long time the doctors could not understand how the mesothelioma cancer is caused. However, it is proved today that the mesothelioma cancer is a result of over exposure to asbestos. This is a risk that many workers across the world take up as they go for work. Many work environments expose the workers to a huge amount of asbestos that can damage their internal organs. Some of the internal organs that get affected faster by mesothelioma are lungs, sac of the heart, sac that surrounds the testis.

    Smoking Adds To Danger

    The chances of developing the lung cancer increase more if the person smokes along with exposure to asbestos. Some family members of the workers who are exposed to asbestos can also develop this disease. This is possible when these family members handle the clothes of these workers. The signs of mesothelioma are interesting it may show up after thirty to fifty years of such exposure.

    Some signs of mesothelioma are listed below:

    • Cough with or without blood
    • Pain the chest
    • Shortness of breath
    • Development of a fluid between the lung and chest wall.
    • Fatigue
    • change in the voice
    • anaemia
    • Tumours can also develop in the stomach but this happens only in the later stages of the cancer.
    • Sudden weight loss
    • Changes in the bowl movement
    • Pain in the abdomen
    • Low blood sugar
    • Jaundice
    • Blood clots in the veins and in the lungs

    The mesothelioma cancer cells do not spread to the brain, the adrenal glands and to the bones. The mesothelioma cancer can be screened using X-ray and CT scan. The doctors can also take to biopsy. If you ever had exposure to asbestos you must ensure that you get a regular screening done so that the mesothelioma cancer is caught on time and the treatment can be started at the earliest. When the treatment of the mesothelioma cancer starts on time the chances of recovery is higher.

    The Asbestos Hazard Factor

    Now that we know how the mesothelioma cancer is caused we will discuss how the industries have ensured that they have all the facilities in place to control the hazard caused by the asbestos exposure. There is no way that asbestos exposure can be removed in the industries. Many industries work in environments where the workers will invariably get affected by the asbestos.

    This is exactly why new rules have been made to ensure that the workers do not suffer from the asbestos exposure. People with minimal exposure of one to three months can also develop the mesothelioma cancer later in life. These new precautionary methods ensure that the exposure to asbestos is minimised and the workers are safer than they were before.

    Once you have got affected by mesothelioma cancer the chances of survival are not excellent though there are patients who have survived this disease. Paul Kraus was diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer in 1997 and he is still living. This makes him the longest survivor in history. The mesothelioma cancer has many treatments like most other cancers. If very advanced even surgery is often used. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, etc are used in treating the mesothelioma cancer.

    Mesothelioma Claims and Compensation

    There are many famous court cases that can be associated with mesothelioma. One such case is of Bernie Banton and James hardie. Bernie Banton was an Australian worker’s activist. He fought a long case with the James hardie for compensation. This was the first mesothelioma claim settlement in history.

    Bernie Banton realised that he had got the cancer when he was working for James Hardie. He also realised that the company knew the hazard all these workers were facing but still did not do much to protect them. Bernie Banton finally died of mesothelioma along with his brothers who were also working under the same conditions. Before his death James Hardie did pay his family a compensation that is undisclosed till date. This was the first case that made people across the world aware of how dangerous asbestos can be. It also paved the way to many laws and regulations to protect the rights of the workers working in such dangerous situations.

    Insurance vs Mesothelioma Claims

    Even insurance companies have made policies for mesothelioma cancer. In some cases the insurance company denies payment if the patient has developed a mesothelioma cancer. The argument put forward by them is that the insured should have ensured that he or she is not directly or indirectly exposed to asbestos. Looking at this the workers who were ever exposed to asbestos can take up mesothelioma insurance. This can be a great support to these workers. This is a new form of insurance and is a part if health insurance. Looking at the risk the insurance company is taking the premium is a little on the higher side.

    Lawsuits Regarding Mesothelioma Claims

    There are some famous lawsuits that were filed against employers for exposing workers to asbestos. The first such lawsuit was in 1929. The mesothelioma lawyers are the ones who specialise in these cases and fight these cases in the court.

    Huge mesothelioma settlements have been made in history. If the company is not able to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to protect the workers from exposure to asbestos they will have to pay the required compensation to the workers.

    The employer must make arrangements to ensure that the worker is aware of the dangers that are associated with asbestos exposure. Some employers in the past have tried to evade these lawsuits by claiming that the disease was seen much after the employment had already ceased. However, this petition was not taken by the judges and a new rule was made.

    The rule states that the cancer appears only years after the exposure. So the employer will have to take up the responsibility even if fifty years have passed since the employment was terminated. As per the cases registered with the court different rules and laws were made regarding asbestos exposure. Most of the law was made to protect the interest of the workers.

    Mesothelioma Claims

    Mesothelioma Claims

    Mesothelioma Lawyers

    The mesothelioma lawyers need to understand the asbestos related legal aspects. Every country has these lawyers and they fight for the rights of the workers. Some countries have banned the asbestos. Some have recognised this as hazardous. There are also a few countries that still allow the use of asbestos in the factories.

    Thanks to these legal actions and lawsuits that there is more awareness today about mesothelioma cancer than it was even a decade back. There are a lot of cases across the world on mesothelioma that is being heard in the courts. Many are dying every year due to the exposure to asbestos. In some of these legal cases huge compensations have been paid and in some the case is still going on.

    Criminal Proceedings in Mesothelioma Claims

    Criminal proceedings have also been taken against some companies for not following the clean air act. Some such companies are Adamo Wrecking Co in 1973. Another such company was W. R. Grace And Company in 2005. They were providing asbestos substances to schools and residential areas. More than 1200 people died due to these exposures. This is why criminal proceedings were done against the company and all those who were responsible for this. There are many such proceedings. If one is found guilty they can be imprisoned and they may also have to pay huge compensation. Knowingly if an employer exposes his workers to asbestos he has to pay for the treatments and take the responsibility of the workers.


    We hope that this article on mesothelioma will help you to understand well the dangers that are associated with asbestos and how it can be responsible for deaths of many. Awareness is the first step in this case. Many workers even today do not know how harmful the asbestos can be. They are made to work in these dangerous environments by the employers.

    Some workers do not even know how mesothelioma is cause and what their rights are if they develop mesothelioma during their work. Awareness can help the workers to live a much better life. We all need to fight together to ensure that mesothelioma cancer is removed from the world. Many NGOs and charitable organisations are working in order to ensure a better life for the workers across the world. We must be more responsible and sensitive when it comes to asbestos and mesothelioma cancer.

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