Ayurvedic Treatments For Cancer

(Disclaimer: these thoughts are not based on scientific evidence but generally available information and personal opinion of the author, you should always consult a medico during treatments whichever form of pathy you follow)

Cancer has become a very big disease that is affecting many people across the world. No matter what the age of a person is or the social background cancer can happen to anyone. Cancer is a painful disease not only for the person who is suffering from it but also for the people around him. Many treatments have developed all over the world to deal with cancer. It is true that it is a deadly disease that kills a lot of people across the world. However, on the other hand it is a disease that can be cured completely if detected on time. The biggest problem that one faces with cancer is that the treatment is very expensive. Moreover, the possibility of cancer developing back is also very high.

Cures In Ayurveda

We in this article will discuss what the possibilities of treating cancer in Ayurveda are. Ayurveda is an ancient medical science that developed in India. Ayurveda believes in a holistic approach. It can treat the patient as per the nature of the patient. In Ayurveda there is a mention of how Cancer can be dealt with. Ayurveda clearly mentions that one should not concentrate only on the part where the cancer has occurred, the whole body of the patient suffering must be taken into consideration to understand how the body works and how the Cancer can spread to the other parts of the body. Ayurveda clearly mentions that until the whole body system is taken into consideration it will not be possible to treat the disease completely and the disease may return back.

As per Ayurveda when there is a toxin in the body the cells start to multiply as a result they cause cancer. The cells are just trying to fight the toxin. This is why the body must be purified of all the toxins that are causing the disease to spread. In Ayurveda the treatment of cancer includes cleansing of the blood with the help of herbs and adopting a detoxifying diet. The herbs that are given to the patient are circulatory stimulant herbs. These herbs promote circulation of the blood. They increase the efficiency of the body by eliminating the toxins from the blood. This also helps to heal the tissues that are affected. The herbs used boost the strength of the body and help the patient to recover quickly.

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The patient suffer in cancer due as they get emotional and they lose hope to recover. Ayurveda gives a strong stress on how to use meditation and yoga in the process of healing. The patient needs to deal well with the supressed emotions. The treatment has to be very deep. Both the mind and the body have to work together for the patient so that they can fight back the disease. Meditation and Yoga make us strong from within and help us to deal with the issues that we are facing inside our body. A strong and healthy mind can only help a body to become stronger and fight back the deadly disease.

Personal healing is given a lot of stress in Ayurveda when it comes to dealing with cancer. This is possible with the help of regular sessions of Pranayam. Even spiritual reading is a good method to deal with the emotional trauma that a person goes through during Cancer. The following are the recommendations that Ayurveda gives to people who are suffering from Cancer and they are:

  1. Smoking and alcohol must be avoided at any cost as that can help the cancer cells to spread and reduce the immunity of the body.
  2. Any food that contains high fat must be avoided. This includes any food that comes from an animal source.
  3. Panchakarma therapy is very essential to fight cancer.
  4. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables must be included in the diet as much as possible.
  5. Sugar is something that can lead to the development of cancer and thus it must be completely avoided at any cost for a faster recovery.
  6. Any food that is easy to digest must be made a part of the diet. This will also ensure that there is no toxin accumulation in the body of the person who is suffering from Cancer.
  7. The diet of the person must be planned in such a way that it includes a lot of food items that are capable of fighting cancer. These food items contain chemicals that can boost the immunity of the body and make it strong.

We will now try to explain how Ayurveda does the treatment of Cancer.

  1. The patient is made to follow a lifestyle that will ensure that the patient stays away from anything that can cause the different doshas like (kapha,pitta and vata). These cause imbalance in the body of the person suffering.
  2. Panchakarma is highly recommended in Ayurveda, with this the toxins are removed from the body.
  3. The digestive powers of the person concerned are restored and attempts are made to ensure that the person gets better digestion ability.
  4. The rasayanas that are used in Ayurveda simply aim at rejuvenation of the body.

It is surprising that Ayurveda has a long history of treating numerous diseases foe ages and that includes cancer. We have a lot of modern medicines available today and thus the procedures that are recommended by Ayurveda may seem to be old fashioned and too traditional. However, we will say that Ayurveda is also quite effective in dealing with Cancer. Maybe once you get the chemotherapy and radiotherapy is done you can try the Ayurvedic medicines to reduce the pain and help you recover in a healthy way.

We know that chemotherapy and radiotherapy are painful processes and that is why we are suggesting Ayurveda as an option that can be tried along with the main treatment that you are taking. Once you are completely out of cancer then you can start with Ayurveda to ensure that the cancer does not come back again. Ayurveda is effective but it is slow. Sometimes the patient might not have sufficient time as cancer can spread very fast. It is always a good idea to use Ayurveda to ensure that the cancer does not occur again. Many people from across the world have used Ayurveda as a way to fight cancer and completely get rid of it. Ayurveda is definitely not as expensive as the modern medicines and surgeries that are available for dealing with cancer. We hope that this article will help you to understand how Ayurveda is a good way to deal with a disease like cancer.